An Introduction to AFTM Ltd



  • Officially established in 1999 with the registration no: 153670.
  • A joint-venture between India (49%) and Iran (51%) in aquaculture.
  • Main activities are in shrimp and fish hatchery and farming including saline water shrimp, marine fish, freshwater fish, and aquaculture engineering.
  • Research activities on marine fish propagation.
  • Training courses and workshops.
  • Aerator design and manufacturing for shrimp and fish ponds.




A glance at AFTM activities

  • Shrimp farming supervision in all farms of Iran in all 4 provinces in the south in 1999.
  • Shrimp seed production in Qeshm and Abadan in 1999.
  • Shrimp farming supervision in all farms in Khoozestan and Chabahar in 2000 and 2001.
  • Shrimp seed production in Chabahar in 2000.
  • Shrimp seed production in Chabahar and Hormozgan in 2001.
  • Scampi seed production and training course in Khoozestan in 2001.
  • Mullet fry production for the first time in 2001, 2002, 2003.
  • Training course for 18 fisheries technicians for 15 days in Abadan in 2001.
  • Shrimp seed production in Chabahar and Hormozgan in 2002.
  • Shrimp farming supervision in all farms in Chabahar in 2002.
  • Artemia biomass production in Chabahar in 2002.
  • Domestication of brooder for black tiger and white Indian shrimp in 2002.
  • Shrimp seed production in Chabahar and Hormozgan in 2003.
  • Shrimp farming supervision in all farms in Chabahar in 2003.
  • Publish of shrimp farming handbook for Iran farms in 2003.
  • Training course for 16 veterinary doctors for 15 days as “Shrimp Health Management” in 2003.
  • Production and sending Indian carps to Iran in 2004, 2007, and 2008.
  • Two workshops on carps culture and marine fish propagation in 2004.
  • Shrimp seed production in Chabahar, Khoozestan, and Hormozgan in 2004.
  • Shrimp farming supervision in 150ha in Chabahar and all farms in Abadan in 2004.
  • Marine fish propagation in Khoozestan in 2004 and 2005, grouper, sobeity and seabream.
  • Shrimp seed production in Chabahar and Hormozgan in 2005.
  • Shrimp farming supervision in all farms in Chabahar in 2005.
  • Paddlewheel aerator design, production and install in shrimp farms totally near to 1000 sets.
  • Workshops, seminars and training courses in aquaculture in many provinces.
  • Propagation and larvae culture of Schizothorax fish in Sistan and training local technicians under the project funded by Italian government and UNDP in 2006.
  • Shrimp seed production in 7 private hatcheries in 2006.
  • Technical visit and training course in freshwater aquaculture for Iranian technicians arranged in India totally 276 man-day.
  • Introduction of two crops in the year using nursery management in Chabahar farms under the project of Italian government and UNDP in 2006.
  • Execution of “partial harvest” project in 3 farms in Chabahar under the same project in 2006.
  • Technical services in all shrimp farms in Hormozgan and Chabahar provinces in 2006, 2007, and 2008.
  • Seed production of green tiger shrimp for sea ranching in Khoozestan province.
  • Seed production in 6 hatcheries, Chabahar and Hormozgan in 2007.
  • Introduction of 3 spices of Indian Major Carps to Iran, importing from India.
  • Carp Culture technical services in Khoozestan province in 2007 and 2008 by 2 of Indian scientists, totally 16 man-month.
  • Arrangement of 2 workshops on “Marine fish propagation” for technician from Iran Fisheries Organization (IFO) in Khoozestan and Hormozgan province.
  • Arrangement of a workshop on “sea cucumber culture” for IFO in 2005.
  • Arrangement of a workshop on “biosecurity in shrimp culture” by Prof. Karunasagar from FAO in Abadan.
  • Introduction of Tilapia in Iran culture by importing a batch from Indonesia in 2008.
  • Indicus and Semisulcatus seed production in Abadan in 2008.
  • Running 8 hatcheries by 14 technicians for shrimp seed production in 2008.
  • Seed production of Vannamei and banana shrimp in Hormozgan province in 2009.
  • Shrimp seed production in Chabahar and Bushehr region in 2011.
  • Marine fish propagation in Hormozgan province in 2012 and successfully production of orange spotted grouper and Seabream.
  • Importing of Cobia D1 from India and stock in Kolahi hatchery and larvae culture, Hormozgan in 2012.
  • Master plan for shrimp culture in Qatar, 2013.
  • Importing shrimp feed, aerator, and some other needful.
  • Exporting vannamei post larvae to Armenia, 2014.
  • Importing F1 generation of 4 species of Chinese carp from China to Iran, in 2013 and repeated in 2014.
  • India technical visit for 6 main big Carp farmers of Iran.
  • Training course on freshwater aquaculture in Wuxi China for 13 trainees in 10 days, 2014.
  • 3 technical workshops on aeration in shrimp farms in Hormozgan, Bushehr, and Abadan for shrimp farmers, 2015.
  • Technical consultancy for marine fish propagation in Qeshm island, 2014, 2015.
  • Technical consultancy for Abadan shrimp farmers, 2015.
  • Organizing an international conference as: Iranshrimp 2016” with 23 oversea members and 130 from Iran, 2016.
  • Importing of Common Carp from Hungry for brooder development, 2016.
  • Supply of hormones for fish propagation, 2017.
  • Technical services for shrimp culture in 2 seminars in Bandar Abbass and Bushehr, 2017.
  • Contibution of Tilapia culture seminar in Sari uinversity, 2017.